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My blog is moving.

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I am taking my blog, "A Different Path:


And moving it here:


The blog is now called, "Bliss Writer." While it may not be immediately apparent, this is an evolutionary change for me. When I started, "A Different Path" it was more of a journal and called, "Romance Beyond Realty." It chronicled my whole tulpa experience. Then when that ended and I was leaving my Christian faith, "A Different Path" replaced it.


With "Bliss Writer" I have come to embrace myself. love and accept myself, as a writer. Poetry is returning as you will see. I am coming to an understanding, an experiential knowing, of certain things. If you were to read the blog from the beginning you could track my spiritual growth.


But it is not written as a record of that. Originally I just wanted to share things I had learned and express myself occasionally. That has remained generally the same. is no longer a good place for me to use, as I have been having issues with using it for some time now. Wordpress, though severely limited, gives me the responsiveness I need. I can't have anything distracting me from sitting down to write, whenever I am compelled to do so.


If you have bookmarked, "A Different Path" please update your links to, "Bliss Writer." You can also follow me if you have a Wordpress account.

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