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~ Return of the Immortals ~

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Summary of a few ideas + some ancient texts

The path is a process of density? Slow V Fast waveform http://www.skyriverb...ad-history.html


The concept of an immortality drink is attested in at least two Indo-European areas: Greek and Sanskrit. The Greek ἀμβροσία (ambrosia) is semantically linked to the [anskrit अमृत (amṛta) as both words denote a drink or food that gods use to achieve immortality. The two words appear to be derived from the same Indo-European form *ṇ-mṛ-to-, "immortal" (n-: negative prefix from which the prefix a- in both Greek and Sanskrit are derived; mṛ: zero grade of *mer-, "to die"; and -to-: adjectival suffix). A semantically similar etymology exists for nectar, the beverage of the gods (Greek: νέκταρ néktar) presumed to be a compound of the PIE roots *nek-, "death", and -*tar, "overcoming".


The path to (conscious) immortality/ spiritual development is relative to density... the path being expansion into greater light spectrum awareness (this light permeates all things... but our capacity to see, hear and feel...our sensitivity has been made dull by heavy elements... like alcohol...our sensitivities can become vastly impaired... states of oblivion... people experiencing total memory loss).

In my experiments bliss and so forth have been "achieved"/ unveiled by changes in what I use to create/ sustain my bodies (physical, mental, emotional etc) ... upgrading to high frequency sustenance/ resonance.. ... when fasting for example my senses increase... sight, smell, clarity of mind etc...

"En lighten ment (becoming light/ we are light)...is inherent/ within/ "Self Realization"... our natural state (divinity)... I believe this is our natural state ...of which we have become far removed via a process of consuming greater density... the corruption of this electric/ chi?/ cosmic fire water energy body... divided and confused... removed from the Light (Divine Consciousness) ... to greater or lesser degrees...

This transition is also mental in terms of what we believe is and isn't real/ possible

"Those who say they can and those who say they can't are both right"

... some believe they need 3D matter to sustain their bodies... / there is nothing beyond this realm...etc (the disbelief due to density veil)

Those without the imagination/ inspiration to fly were never involved in creating the first "impossible" aircraft.


Master of Earths Dehydration video reminded me of Taoist thoughts on
Bigu and corpse demons https://sites.google.com/site/delawareteasociety/yoked-to-earth-a-treatise-on-corpse-demons-and-bigu...

These demons (basically) create the craving and thought patterns/ habits in our minds and bodies to consume 3D elements only... so they are able to use our body as a host and feed from our vital energies... they promote death and decay... so we find ourselves in a world controlled by these parasitic creatures... believe their thoughts/ feelings/ desires are our own, keeping us bound (by our acceptance) to this realm/ dimension... rather than being the Grand Suns/ Beings of Light that we are.


Roughly 96 percent of the mass of the human body is made up of just four elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, with a lot of that in the form of water. The remaining 4 percent is a sparse sampling of the periodic table of elements.


Ever onward, ever forward!


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Eye of the storm:


Quote: "Light being more energetic, higher vibration rules over low vibration"


In practice watch out for this idea, it is both correct and woefully incorrect.


It is extremely common for those new to the path to have this view and intuit its general correctness but it is very misleading as a guide to behavior for in that vein, in practice, this thinking can lead one quite astray.


In practices involving vibrations somewhat specifically, remember to lower your vibration back to a state which is conducive to you having ful control of your body and if you were in trance - fully come down out of trance.


Practicing and not ending with coming back fully into possession of your faculties at the end of practice can open a very real can of worms - a can many do not come back from and a can that many run from.


In Qi Gong this is avoided if you stay centered in your Lower DanTien (LDT).


Many students play at all sorts of practices trying to "feel something" - higher vibrations, trance practices and drugs are the easiest ways to get quick results but all of them require prudence and regard for giving-in to the addiction and ease of this access.


This posting was not directed toward the original poster - just a bit on an aspect of this general thread.

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Thanks Spotless :)

I have refined the OP it may read different now - previous to your post / without consideration... which I will attempt to address/explore now :)

Higher/fast vibration rules over low/slow vibration (due to higher energetic state)

The greater the vibration the greater the capacity for information?


This is my attempt to reconcile how subtle energies can manipulate more dense

Fire melts ice *shrugs* haha

Along the lines that "hell" is actually "cold"... and "heaven" is "warm"

For me what you are describing is a mind and body that is in conflict...or different states...

A refined mind in an unrefined body

I am meaning to synchronize a refined/subtle body and mind ... this may transcend the Earth realm.

Or the Earth realm becomes very fluid to such an awareness... (Neo in 'The Matrix')

I guess you are talking about some form of grounding?

I wonder if it is possible to unite a transcendental Heaven and Earth within oneself... / your own gravitational field rather than having to rely on the Earth as a foundation.

I am thinking more along the lines of "super-consciousness" rather than trance or drug induced states

Drug and trance states imply a state in which you have given away personal power/ self awareness?

"there are no short cuts" ?

This ensures virtue and power are balanced?

For one to refine the body to such a state and over come strong Earthly temptations requires strong will power/ self discipline ... though I think there is a natural flow/ desire/ calling... naturally arising generally

There are no "ascetic practices" as such...

Some would say these things are "hard/ too difficult" ... for others it may be a joyful expansion ...

What one person sees as a restriction another experiences as freedom.

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As I said, I was not responding to your post per se but to the notion that "higher vibration" is always a good thing whereas it can also lead to wild fluxuations in ones energy, problems with allowing beings to enter ones space easily, madness and being "very spaced out" among only a few of the negative side effects of regarding higher vibration as better.



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