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Where is text about a Dark Buddha or an Anitchrist?

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Freedom, complete freedom in all form. The uppermost goal.


Now when we read our bible or read about Buddha, what has been brought down from centuries over centuries.. going through so many systems whos sole purpose was to gain power for some individuals while repressing a majority. Our very legal system here is a product of the bible and it's many "you should not".


Let's face it! The Universe operates in equalibrium: We can call it white and black and I dont need to tell you more about these forces because we are involved right in the midst of them, on a daily basis.


Today, more then ever, it is clear how corrupt our society is. On the outside, we have a legal system that claims to be equal for anyone, but on the inside is completely rotten and full of falsity.


The all embracing energy of God is equal in all of life. Positive and negative. Positive and negative are equally in their right to be here and are in a constant flux, otherwise there would be no change.


Human nature has a tendency to go further away from resistance instead of understanding it and gaining the power of released resistance. Shamanism is popular for it's action to go straight into what apparently hurts.

Conquer your fears, all of them, and see that there is no fear.


Therefor: A Dark Buddha and an Antichrist, to balance the bright and high positive forces of Buddha and Christ. Where is text about them?


And why is so less written about the Southern Cross in the history of us being here on this planet, in our Astrology? Why is the majority laid out towards the Big Dipper and the Northstar?

What is in the southern region?

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