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Interesting find: Did you know that you can boost your ability to perceive a greater depth of Reality by just 'pushing' yourself to be 'able' ? (more)

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How should I explain it..


Do you recall a feeling or moment in your life where, either through emotional trauma (for me happens mostly when coming out of a negative state) or success (that has more to do with your own skills and findings, not copied from others, true success) you found yourself in a state of "being able" of "being capable" of venturing in the unknown, even if you do not yet perceive what there is or suppose to be, but you clearly know that you connect through this way?


For example you want to REconnect to what is refered to: Our Higher Self. Supreme intelligence, unified, far from ego.. I say reconnect because already are connected, but the seperation of the ego puts a filter over this connection.


Could be any other example.. opening of The Inner Eye (pineal, not outwardly 3rd eye periferal)


Something that is seemingly unknown but you KNOW you can do it.


And I tell you what, you ARE connecting in that way.


It is like when you were a child and play around with imaginable laser swords and feel you have the power, but in a more mature way. It is something very intimate and balanced, nothing egoic over the top


You might even get confirmation by wildlife, when being outside and doing this. They will react very uniquely towards you.


A merl, blackbird came nearby when I did this. He sang very quietly and jumped from branch to branch towards me, waiting just an arms-length ontop of a small tree a short moment and then flew directly on my crown, didnt land but took off immediatelly after dropping down so close. The subconscious of my body did not make any effort in ducking, it was a very peaceful moment.


Beautiful I can tell and share with you.


It is so funny.. we think ourselves to be different and disconnected from the Universe and it is exactly this feeling, this perceiving and most importantly this mindset/thinking that is the sole reason for our disconnection. It is like the Universe is waiting and waiting and waiting for us to surrender, to reconnect. But it can not connect until we open up.


It is in each one of us to actively perform this task in wanting to open up. It is like to "man up" or to check onself to see oneself to be able to be in this state..


You can tell yourself "Hey, wait a moment.. somewhere far far away.. I remember that I have once been in that state of feeling connected to everything "inside and outside" of me.. but something between then and now changed the whole situation. Lets pretend it never happend!"


And from this moment you reconnect and the magic starts happening. And boy I can tell you that you truly need no entertainment anymore when you stay that open each day until it is natural again. Wonders after wonders.


Give it a shot!


I remember times when I tried to act like this in the past and the effects were meager, simple because it was faked and not real. But if you should find yourself in such a situation and it feels natural.. fun and spiritual maturity starts (once again) ;)


All the best!

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I hear what you're saying about feeling capable. Question: do you feel that you would be recognised for this capability by others? Would it be important?

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