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Feeling less heat than before + other questions

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Hi everyone :)



I've read Mantak Chia's "Awakening the healing Light" where he talks about the main points of the microcosmic orbit. I've been focusing on my navel for a few weeks now and I wad able to gather heat rather quickly (I managed to do it the very first time I tried). It almost felt like an orgasm in my belly. However these last few days I was not able to feel as much heat, is that normal ? still feeling the tingling sensation though.




A few nights ago I woke up suddenly because my lower dantian started to vibrate and it felt really good. I was able to direct the vibration in my body wherever i wanted for a few hours. When I woke up, the vibrations were gone. This happened on the 8th of this month and it was the full moon. Is there a connection ?



Mantak Chia says coffee isn't very good because it unnaturally stimulates our energy levels. Does anyone know if the same goes for green tea ? I drink at least three cups a day and I wouldn't like to change that habit :P

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