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  1. Hi everyone I've read Mantak Chia's "Awakening the healing Light" where he talks about the main points of the microcosmic orbit. I've been focusing on my navel for a few weeks now and I wad able to gather heat rather quickly (I managed to do it the very first time I tried). It almost felt like an orgasm in my belly. However these last few days I was not able to feel as much heat, is that normal ? still feeling the tingling sensation though. A few nights ago I woke up suddenly because my lower dantian started to vibrate and it felt really good. I was able to direct the vibration in my body wherever i wanted for a few hours. When I woke up, the vibrations were gone. This happened on the 8th of this month and it was the full moon. Is there a connection ? Mantak Chia says coffee isn't very good because it unnaturally stimulates our energy levels. Does anyone know if the same goes for green tea ? I drink at least three cups a day and I wouldn't like to change that habit
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    Hey guys Just let me introduce myself. My actual first name is Vincent and I discovered spirituality a few months ago. I've since then read a lot of threads on this forum and everywhere on the internet. I've found an absolutely amazing amount of useful information. I'm however starting to have my own questions so I'd like to be able ton participate in the discussions Regards