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Buddhist intellectualism & the heart...An open statement

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Hello everyone,


I have been very much aware of a recent "peak" of levels of Buddhist intellectualism on this particular sub-forum.


While intelligence is needed in all facets of life, much more important, in my view, is this "attitude of selflessness" which should characterize a follower of Dhamma/Dharma.


This "attitude of selflessness" manifests or should manifest itself in one's speech & actions, which, of course, stem from the particular state of mind a person is "in."


I would kindly like to remind ALL Dhamma/Dharma practitioners in this sub-forum that getting boisterous, pompous, arrogant, being unkind, etc. are DEFINITELY NOT right speech and hence not part of the noble 8 fold path.


Along the same vein, not answering honest questions put to one about one's particular view of or within Dhamma/Dharma is categorically NOT skillful means. Conflict resolution happens when people talk openly, honestly, courteously and with love towards each other.


I kindly request that all followers of Dhamma/Dharma in this sub-forum would stop being polemic and would restart their interactions with a fresh attitude & perspective about WHY this sub-forum is here and learn to actually love (Self-less-ly) one another.


I, for one, have been attacked & belittled when discussing particular topics here. I have questioned particular Dhamma/Dharma subjects vigorously and have verbally discarded particular Dhammic/Dharmic stances that others have held, NEVER DISRESPECTING THE PERSON. I have even been abruptly confronted on minor infringements, such as not quoting someone 100% correctly, with an ensuing backlash and also minimal followup communication from the offended party/parties to ensure that the said infringement was resolved.


The point is this: Intelligence & selfless love are the fountain-source of the Dhamma/Dharma


Let's try living it and expressing it daily here on this sub-forum because if it's not viewed, I doubt the sincerity and stance of those who called themselves "Buddhists" or purport to "know something about Buddhism."


Thank you for reading this.


I send my love to you all


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