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Cultivation in the Heart | Want to feel what happens with your Energy when you think less / almost nothing during the day? An example.

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I put conscious effort into not thinking, each day. Therefor being more Lower Tantien and Heart focused to let intuition return. Intuition does not come in a verbal form, it is a knowing. A clear knowing what needs to be done.


Even a day where I attempt to live this effort "half-consciously" I store so much energy, that with my intention I can bring this energy up into my head and it feels like a broad and gentle, very pleasant "jolt" .. roughly half the width of my stomach.


And all of this is our intention! Pure intention. The intention to create.


All of this energy is unused, if you create less per day. Creating means putting senses outward in any form, talking and especially thinking!


Of course all of your creations are then more powerful, if you save up the energy and use it consciously!


3 minds into one mind - hands in a prayer position to the heart. Here you have the most primal state. In this moment you unite with God consciousness wanting to do the very first ripple: An intention. Intention to do something. To think. Create from thought.


When no thoughts come forth, you save up all the energy that is otherwise processed in our gut and mostly brain. And the brain requires the most energy, daily.


Simple find your Self in this very moment. Right here and right now. And you see that there are no thoughts coming up.


If one thought wants to come up, it wants mostly to analyze what is happening. Like "are we really in this moment?" - or simply affirming "being in this moment".


There neither needs to be an analyzis (and this is really a virus) or an affirmation where you currently are. Because you know you are here, you feel yourself here.


And through doing so you might notice that you feel.. slightly agitated / restless in your heart space. Because it is so new to it again, you have not done it in a long time and the energy is quite huge.


All the thoughts were flowing freely and now you want to grow up and control them. And you can.


There is the way of observing thoughts, which is fine. I am currently practicing this form and I instantly notice that you can really Store energy In your heart. And it is thought!


And this is Pure mental energy. Unmanifested! Stronger than Chi from Food or Nature.


But it seems to be critical, that we bring this energy down into our reservour, into the lower couldron from time to time. Because I have noticed dryness, a certain dry heat, doing this over a longer period, almost an entire day.


The first day I found it to be really challenging, since it occupies your entire awareness of not being scattered in thought-form all over the place.


The results so far, just from noticing this yesterday in a single experiment was huge.


I will post more on this from time to time, since all Qigong practice I know so far, are not doing so much with the heart.


So if you do it, bring the energy down to your LTT and in meditation, raise this energy mindfully.



What few might not know simple by the fact that so many practitioners are ego-driven and maybe never contemplated about the fact that all they do comes from a Yin/Yang perspective..


..when you do not create from a dualistic aspect, such as your ego/personality/soul, rather from this most centered space, from your Heart, not from your Physical Heart or Heart "Chakra", rather from the most inner Spiritual Heart Energy Center, you directly connect to God Consciousness, your very primal aspect. And this aspect, You, is non-dualistic. We can not say that "You" create anymore, because when fully there you are beyond your personality, you simple let God/Tao create through you. And this is truly perfection.



Feel free to post your experience with it here!


All the best.

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