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Hello and a big thanks to all of you!


I am reading this forum since i started daoist sitting and standing meditation(lam kam chuen) 10 years ago...


You helped me a lot through sharing your experiences.Without you i think i would still be ill.or feel as if i am crazy haha


I am from Germany, 30 years old.Started meditation to heal me psychic and bodily illnnesses .

Did standing meditation daily in the forest from 1 to 4 hours daily.


ca 3 years ago i think non doing enfolded " i" started moving after standing.


now i think what i do is some kind of spontaneous baguazhang mixed with xing yi and tai chi.through the years i went from vegan to grain free to a raw food diet

.now i do a mix off all of those(still grain free).Last year i went through a heavy kundalini phase and in december i had the strangest experience i ever had... since then life is different and feels great.I have little permaculture gardens and live in a little village.My illnesses and addiction problems just went away some time ago..haha


now i feel as if i am 14 years old....I am not through all of my problems but life feels great...

Im thinking about starting some kind of private retreat for serious naturalists.i dont see myself as a teacher and would like to share this place with likeminded people to support each other going backwards... in circles....and "stopping"


Feel free to respond


biggest thanks to all of you!!!

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