Stepping up the Qigong Master healing experience for you!

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You all can call the semi-retired Spring Forest qigong master Jim Nance for healing sessions as he is now living at my cabin/2nd House after he did healing sessions on my family. haha. 1-952-217-1954.


If you don't believe me about how amazing this qigong master is - just check out Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin's Tribute Talk about qigong master Jim Nance! http://sfqguild.com/


The latest Spring Forest Qigong Guild video is this tribute talk from Chunyi Lin to Jim Nance. Enjoy!


Qigong master Jim Nance is semi-retired so this new arrangement cuts his living costs as his old house had a high mortgage - and so he is doing private healing now but also working on other projects, including continued help with Spring Forest Qigong. For example he was at the Level 4 healing retreat.


If you want phone healings - it is recommended you send him some payment but you can work that out with him. The usual cost is $100 for a phone healing. Some people he heals for free since they are not able to pay and, as I've said, his current living situation enables him to be a bit more flexible as far as meeting his costs. Of course he still has payments for his previous situation - utilities and he helps out his extended family with costs, etc. Car repairs, gas, food, occasional motel stays as he is sharing the house with our family, etc. Also we want to hook up the qigong master to a new tablet computer or something with skype, set up a new website, etc. so he can have global connections more readily.


So also I came across a Jim Nance qigong qi-talk that did not get deleted - https://t.co/gKxglDSTpf There you go - enjoy this qi-talk.


I've had some PMs about people wanting to get direct healings from a qigong master - so I thought I would update the status of the qigong master who befriended me. Again you can call him directly to set up a qigong phone healing session.


So he will be living for at least several months at this cabin - but who knows? - this current location is in the forest, with no neighbors nearby so the qigong master can recharge his energy much more easily. It is an ideal location for a qigong master and I think his healing will blossom. Previously in his old house with neighbors nearby he was always healing the neighbors and also - even while at the Spring Forest Qigong Center with the other buildings nearby he was always healing people around him. So he can recharge his energy better and do deeper, stronger healings.


So now he has seclusion for deeper meditation to further heal himself and to heal others on a deeper level. This is exciting for everyone!


Our family friend has had great progress in getting healed by the qigong master - she had a serious condition that could not be treated by Western science as it was too close to her spine for operation. The qigong master has helped her significantly and she has raved about it to my family. For example she was limping and so she called the qigong master and then she called my sister to report that the qigong master had "stretched her leg out." haha. The qigong master later told me that her limping was from the original condition she needed healing and that also was from emotional blockages that created a physical blockage. So when she was healed of her limping it also healed the original condition as well. So this is life changing stuff as it changes the whole dynamics of what life means for my family - thank you to the qigong master for this great opportunity for us to learn more about the truth of reality.


I have blogged more about my learning experiences with the qigong master at http://innersoundqigong.blogspot.com

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