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or like asking someone to assassinate you in a particular manner

and then asking them why they did it.


funny how we so often deal with life's lessons by asking for what we really want from ourselves and not letting others give us what we really need, because we can't stomach accepting from others what we haven't learned to give to ourselves yet.


but generally the ones who make it through these hurdles seem to be all right with taking from others and lying to themselves. by "make it through" I really mean "learn to permanently hide from themselves"


Expectation is the hoary curse of humanity.

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I spent the last few years of a longish working life inspecting and validating teacher training & education

Somebody has to do it or standards can slip.

( Not me though. I retired last Friday. :) )

I do agree some validation seeking can be unhealthy if, for example ; you mean that Millhouse van Houten ( out of the Simpsons)... Riff...

When he's just tipped off Bart's Mom to something naughty Bart did...

" Sorry Bart but I crave adult validation."


That's not good but statutory validation of process or product and against national standards... That's essential.

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