problem of energy flowing up the yin channel

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So the qigong master read my energy - a few weeks ago - he was watching me in my house. He said that I have a perineum blockage from taking in too many energy blockages of other people and so the energy flows up the front of my spine and then out of my skull - from my lower body. He said that this started from people pulling at my energy with their consciousness from that part of their lower body - their perineum to their lower body area.


So anyway then I did a five day fast to check it out - and yeah I was able to keep working doing a lot of physical labor but then I just started taking in people's energy blockages as their extra yin jing energy - and the more that happened then the more I got internal tingling as my own "yang jing" or "yin chi" energy went out of my skull into the people around me. So I was being sent energy by the qigong master during this time and I was also meditating more but all that happened was that energy was then exchanged with other people while I took in their "yin jing" energy.


So a five day fast didn't help - I just had more internal tingling and more off-gassing of crap smell out of my skull - as the energy from my lower body was sucked out of me. So I have struggled with this issue for 14 years since I did my intensive original training but then I stopped training for a few months and I didn't realize by stopping training then it actually stopped the small universe, causing instead of the energy flowing down the front channel - it reversed it to flow back up.


I found a thread on this forum about people reversing their channel and I googled more - but anyway I am just telling people that it is an issue and then I read the Taoist Sourcebook, Energy, Vitality, Spirit saying that when there is a blockage in the small universe then the energy gets reversed like that.


So anyway to work on fixing it then I just have to do intensive small universe more and standing "moving of yin and yang" more, and also when I am not meditating then to keep the tongue against the roof of the mouth so that the channels connect to help the energy flow down the front. Also to focus on emptying out the mind when I am not meditating - "flexing" the pineal gland so that my conceptual mind goes back into the pineal gland. But again fasting did not fix the problem since it didn't get at the fundamental cause of it - the direction of the flow of energy. Meanwhile when someone around me is tired or wants my energy then the crap-smell off-gassing gets worse as I got more internal tingling. I read that the internal tingling is the chi as it neutralizes the free radicals and anaerobic bacteria. So then I just drink tea or vinegar water as an antiseptic against that process - but again it doesn't fix the cause which is the direction of the small universe energy.


So when the energy goes up the back of the spine - this is the purification process. If the energy goes up the spine before it is purified - it actually goes up the front of the spine. So I didn't realize this before - I thought it was going up the back of the spine. So also then you need mind celibacy emptiness to purify the energy so it goes down the front of the spine - as the cleansing process while up the back of the spine as sublimation process - again Emptiness of the mind as celibacy is the first requirement. This is obviously very difficult in our modern times so focused on the opposite dynamic of materialistic life.


So you can consider me a case study for the argument for the traditional training method, as the qigong master says, tantra is always limited to lower form of energy - the psychic jing or yin chi energy. It may just start to open up the yang chi but just barely. The exchange or taking in of the yin jing energy around me then always brings back down the energy while my yin chi or yang jing is transmitted out - so it is a lowering of the energy overall. It has to be countered by more Emptiness practice but overall no real progress can be made by that method. So I learned that through tantra training on my own for 7 years but before that just through common day interactions with people without me trying to send them energy or anything.


I hope this helps people save some time in their training - and as the Taoist books says the three treasures must be training to have success - just doing Emptiness training is not enough - because of the yin-yang dynamics of reality. It will be a struggle for me but at least now I know what the problem is and I know that fasting on its own won't fix it. If I could fast while also meditating the whole time without being disturbed - that is another story. haha. But fasting while interacting with others just causes me to switch over to taking in their yin jing blockages as their "Extra" energy while they take in my "yang jing" or yin chi psychic energy. This just pulls my energy down more - even though I can sustain physical sustenance - I just get more and more internal tingling as I have to then try to empty out or cleanse their lower emotional blockages that I've taken in.







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