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Beyond the Shower: Advanced Strobe Light Training

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For real though..


Much of our balance relies on sight. This is common wisdom. Try to ride a bike blindfolded.


Training martial arts in a dark room with a strobe light affects the balance negatively. The slower the pulse of the strobe, the less information one has to go on...less flashes increases difficulty.


True Ninjas train their techniques in utter darkness.


In a real fight, if you have been in one before, you know that things are rushed, and that scenes flash fast, and that the scuffle can appear mysterious in hindsight.


Use of strobe lights is equivalent to using a Chin Dip Assist when doing you drop the flash tempo, it is like dropping the amount of counterweight on the Assist.


Adepts practice their craft in darkness.


Balance/stability is rapidly achieved this way...




Practice of pattern drills would be interesting! Especially involving live weapons like ratan sticks

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