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A word of caution regarding the Tan Tien through my own Findings

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When ever I am in a new situation and that is in every moment, I feel my "old Self" in my gut.


I just did an experiment: I walk to birds outside of my balkony and I remembered my Self in a milisecond how I did this in "the past" and instantly a firy feeling came up in my gut. A slight tension.


My intention though is to interact with these birds by seeing them with a powerful knowing that I am them. And they barely flew away. They flew away because of my gut feeling. My memory in my gut.


I alter this memory with my new approach. And the next time (future) the contact with wild animals happens easier.


But memory, is memory. It is useful to some degree, but limiting at the same time.


At one point, consider loosing your gut in that sense.



All the best.

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