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an answer to the topic here


So Clean space was something I read about


Clean space and clean language is based on a modeling of David Grove, a psychotherapist.


In this case we are working with clean space in order to find more information about an issue that annoys us or we want to heal something.


The introductory version


This works on yourself or others. No force nor intention to heal is used.


Basic information gathering is done and the issue disappears entirely based on self-recognition. You can read more about it in the link.


1. Stand in front of the issue. This is position 1.

2. Ask yourself "and what do you know about this issue from here?"

3. Ask yourself "can you find a space that knows about [issue] [or more]?"

4. You move there. Go to 2.

5. When stuck you return to position 1 and step 2. And so on.


The condensed chris d version


1. Zoom close to the issue.

2. Ask about it.

3. Just move around and get the knowing from different angles, up, down, left, right, in the 3 dimensional space.


This avoids the tendency for the mind to lock on to a certain angle of the issue and opens up to all kinds of insight.


The issue disappears on its own!

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Tried this out over the weekend...


I looked at the issue from every angle at once - like the issue was inside a sphere and I was observing it from every possible point on the sphere's surface converging inwards looking at the issue.


Got huge yawns and transformation of the energy.

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