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Energy Filter System

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I've begun a long process that's proving very very interesting...I'm sharing it because people on this forum have provided me with many tips, bits of advice and good discussions.


It started with me becoming fed up and distressed with being completely bogged down in collective psychic energy and also accumulated psychic attacks, including actual very Black Magick which I have been a target of for many years. I was at my wits end - I'd tried many things and nothing seemed to work for very long and I couldn't figure out why...perhaps it was karma, but right now I don't want to believe that I could have been such a dick to people in other lifetimes.


Anyway, one night I was at someone house - a Woman with whom I regularly spent time with for a short while, maybe a couple a months. Our connection was deep and promising, however she would not allow it to blossom in the way it could have. It was late. I was exhausted from energy I'd picked up, unable to sleep and reeling from having long-repressed memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse come up to the surface only a few months before, on a day that would change my past as I knew it, and change my life forever. I was hurt. I could not (and still can't) understand why I've experienced the trouble, the horror that I've faced in life and why I'm such a psychic sponge as well - I've become jaded towards the Human Race and to be honest I'm not sure that will change. I love people, but I'm jaded. I needed a solution that would last. I got up off the Yoga cushion I was sitting on in her living room and wandered into the yard - the stars beckoned and comforted...


It hit me then: I had to find a way to transmute all of the collective energy I've mopped up AND all of the Magick people have sent my way. It's the way I feel is best to deal with this and the process is now underway - it will likely take years but the end result will be worth it and the results so far have been absolutely fascinating.


I basically conceived of an Energetic Filter System (™) that's designed to reveal exactly what has come to me and who it's come from, and then transform the energy of each "thing" into energy that I can readily use for whatever purpose I decide at a later time. I drew up a diagram of the System, with me in the center and meditated on it, projecting into the ether. It took a little while for it to become rooted within me, but now it has. It's hardcore - that's no exaggeration. I'd think carefully before trying something like this, but for me it's right. As things have come through the Filter I've literally taken on (like an Invocation) the people that have sent them, meaning I feel, at the physical level, all the things that person "X" felt as they sent, say, a curse to me, to the point of speaking exactly as they would if they were cursing me, including taking on their voice and facial expressions. As each thing comes through the Filter to my conscious awareness I take note of it, transmute it and place it into storage for use at a later time. I can manipulate it if I want to - say, if I'm busy with something - so it doesn't interrupt my work. I believe a similar concept to this exists in Chaos Magick, called an ESHE.


It is absolutely fascinating, though freaky at times. Please don't try anything like this unless you're sure you can handle it - it's risky, time consuming and very confronting, but it's working for me.






P.S I'll stay out of Ballarat.

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