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"God is Transcendent & Immanent"

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By Austin Cline


"On the face of it, the characteristics of transcendence and immanence appear to be in conflict. A transcendent God is one who is beyond perception, independent of the universe, and wholly “other” when compared to us. An immanent God, is one which exists within — within us, within the universe, etc. — and, hence, very much a part of our existence. How can these qualities exist simultaneously?

The idea of a transcendent God has roots both in Judaism and in Neoplatonic philosophy. The Old Testament, for example, records a prohibition against idols and this can be interpreted as an attempt to emphasize the wholly “otherness” of God which cannot be represented physically. Neoplatonic philosophy, in a similar manner, emphasized the idea that God is so pure and perfect that it completely transcended all of our categories, ideas, and concepts.

The idea of an immanent God can also be traced to both Judaism and Greek philosophers. The stories of the Old Testament depict a God who is very active in human affairs and the working of the universe. Christians, especially mystics, have often described a God who works within them and whose presence they can perceive immediately and personally. Philosophers have also discussed the idea of a God who is somehow united with our souls, such that this union can be understood and perceived by those who study and learn enough..."


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