Hexagram 44 - The seed of yin entering the yang.

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As we are under the influence of this hexagram right now, and actually seeing its effect upon ourselves in threads, I thought it might be helpful to open up discussion about this particular type of unraveling change.


This is the type of energy occurring right after the the waxing of yang at the full moon, after the summer solstice, and right after true solar noon, when the tiniest bit of yin is entering the fully culminated yang.


Hua-Ching Ni, The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth:



The situation appears to be smooth; the image suggests that everything will go as one wishes. However, hidden danger approaches in the form of the forward yin line below. Negative force has begun to grow again as yang energy has reaches its fullest strength. One Should be careful of this situation and heed the warning of this hexagram.


The image here is that of five men who are competing for one woman. This situation is one of potential contention and struggle. The single element of feminine energy can spoil the union of five men. The woman cannot marry all five: therefore peaceful order depends on her ability to respond correctly to each of them. She must maintain composure and conduct herself well; otherwise she becomes the source of trouble.


The yin line here represents any negativity, darkness, shortcoming, or bad habit. The entire hexagram suggests that this negative energy will eventually overcome the positive, for the yang is structured in such a way that it submits to the power of the yin line. Thus it becomes susceptible to the dark influence. This process, a cyclic movement of natural energy, represents a person who gradually comes under the control of some inner negativity, bad habit, or physical illness. The developing yin energy exerts more and more influence as it aggressively advances toward the five yang lines. In the human sphere, changes can be made to alter the situation. Therefore, one should now be cautious and maintain his position; otherwise the situation will deteriorate.


This hexagram may also apply to a great task in which a person of inferior virtue becomes involved. Since the five yang lines do not cooperate and hold to correct principles, a way is provided for the erosive power of an evil force to grow. Although such a situation is not a favorable one, it is a natural phase of the cyclic energy rotation.


This hexagram is associated with the fifth month (June/July), just after the apex of summer, when yang energy is at its highest. At this point, it begins its decline, while yin energy increases and winter approaches. The situation symbolized by this energy formation actually serves as a warning. In life, a person is usually overcome by a problem through negligence. As the Tao Teh Ching advises: "Handle difficulties when they are still small."


On the whole, this hexagram employs the image of a man in the fourth position wishing to meet the woman in the first position, but unable to do so. He has four competitors, while she is ambitious in her desire to conquer. Moreover, her contact with some of the other lines precludes any involvement she might have with the fourth line. There is no chance for a correct response between them because each is in the wrong position; the first line should be yang, and the fourth line should be yin. Although the literal Chinese translation for this hexagram means "to come together", it is impossible to do so.


On the positive side, this hexagram describes the energy involved in spreading culture's nurturing influence. Such efforts touch everyone and help in developing an entire society. Yin and yang are continuously interacting in every aspect of life. Thus, this principle can be applied to all experiences.


Great things may sometimes be attained when we are aware of our limitations and shortcomings. Such an awareness allows us to work at preventing these limitations from overtaking us. By beginning with something small, something great may be accomplished in the end.


In particular, we just had a thread here, where one member was having trouble with overcoming a habit (the yin line), and several other members (the yang lines) each interacted with this habit in their own way, but ultimately the pressure of the situation became too great and the one member volunteered to leave the community.


There is no blame or right or wrong here for any of these members, it is about recognizing the pattern as a manifestation of natural energies. The I-Ching almost literally describes what happened - the I-Ching is so incredibly literal at times... and the lessons are usually quite clear.




Does anyone have experiences or reflections on how that one seed of yin comes to threaten an entire established system?


In modern society I get a chuckle seeing the image of 5 jocks boisterously walking along, only to meet a seductive and flirtatious girl.... and then suddenly the brotherhood is gone and they're all competing for the girl, to her amusement and glee... only to chose none of them.


Gosh it seems so easy to collapse that jenga tower with one fell swoop....




Also, is this related to this yin convergence classic? It would seem so... but I haven't gotten a change to study it too in depth yet, and a surface reading didn't seem super related.

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I'm not knowledgable at all about Yijing.

My only involvement with it is my infatuation with a piece of music composed with it as its basis.

Your posts are very stimulating, however.

This may be a bit mundane but Brazil's recent world cup experience seems to reflect the Meeting.

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