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ginger and vagus nerve

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Wow I had this hour long talk with the student who saw me sitting in full-lotus. She had just gotten back from spiritual camp in Colorado with an Indian guru lady, Sai Ma.


Anyway she finally asked me if "I could control that consciously" -- meaning the vagus nerve -- carotid contractions on the right side of my brain.


There's a lot of material online about full-body orgasms and the vagus nerve. Females who had spinal damage still have orgasms through the vagus nerve.


It's the same for men in full-lotus! haha.


But the problem is that over stimulation of the vagus nerve causes acid heart burn -- because the vagus nerve secretes the acid to the stomach.


This is discussed online on yoga pages.


So this is why once a "bigu" state is reached a person needs to eat very lightly or else the body gets too acidic.


I've been trying to eat a normal diet -- with disastrous results! haha.


Now I'm taking ginger which is an amazing answer for leaky gut via vagus nerve stimulation.


it's said that the stomach is the 2nd brain while for full-lotus the brain is the 2nd stomach! haha.


Ginger works with the pancreatic juices which counter the stomach acid.


There's lots online about ginger being a miracle herb.


Thanks to the Vedanta student for help (her dad did medical research on ginger!)




Now back to the vagus nerve stimulation through the full-lotus.



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