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On the weekend my wife said exclaimed that she had a sore right lung.


I asked her to do the healing sound for the lung.


She raised her arms with the teeth clenched (she'd never done this before) and mad the sound "tssssssss" visualising white light - purging negative energy grom the lung.


She discovered that the right lobe was not working properly - so continued the sound and visual for a few more breaths....ok, that's better - wow, now what?


Now, bring your arms down in front of the chest palms facing your chest and "pretend" you are still doing the sound in the same way, and still visualise white light...


"Why would I pretend to do it", she said starting it anyway...


"Ahh, Honey?"....she said, like on the edge of a cliff...


"What", I said?


I've got the universe in my arms, right in here - I can see the whole universe in my arms (her eyes were opened).


She opened up a vision of the whole universe in her arms and felt like she was going to fall over into it...and was concerned she might 'drop' the universe.


My wife has that knack of taking any exercise to its most profound level in the very first attempt.


Pretty amazing for someone that is not interested in intensive practices, training or striving for such skills. She knows she has already done it all in other lifetimes and is here to be the living embodiment of the light.


She was just born this way...spiritually gifted.


"Can you see our Earth in there?" I asked


"Oh, that's like going down to the beach and trying to find grain of sand #2908467", she said.



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That is such a great exchange!


My wife has similar characteristics...

she avoids any sort of formal cultivation for fear of getting lost in the stars herself...

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