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Opinion or rule ?

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Kindly but firmly.


Well, I maybe should not care about but I have seen way too many newcomers generally beginners -giving few information about who they are-, and asking for advices, how to...

And even more users in a hurry to give them their personal opinion. Ok that's great but not so great when they bring it like a dogma and even less when you realize they have no idea who they're talking to...

You can't even feel the person presence, energy, his/her history and actual problems, and so on.


My humble opinion will always be, go find a (real and in person) teacher that know and cares about you. There is so many schools and many contradictions how is it possible for you to be so confident talking to a stranger ?!


And on the opposite (please) be careful playing masters. I think very few (to no one) know how good they really are.


I respect the kindness, the knowledge of many but if you think you're really high you might as well start your own school and look at what happens after you gave your advice...

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