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Three Section Theory: 明三节 Ming San Jie

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Hello everyone,


Usually I just reply to the odd thread (mostly when BKA points me at something). Generally I don't interject too much.. doesn't seem right most times. But tonight I decided I'd toss out something from the depths of the Gao that may be helpful.. maybe not.. I leave it to you to decide.


You know how the "trinity" or "trio" principle is all throughout the Daoist studies, throughout Neijiaquan.. *especially* through Baguazhang (which is my thing incidentally).


My first teacher said "good things come in threes".. he talked about three lines in a trigram and the trinity of Earth-Sun-Moon, or Earth-Human-Heaven.


As years went by I always found the advice good.. but then I got ahold of some more detailed info courtesy of the Gao.


Trinity principle is well and good.. but you can do more with it..


Enter Three Section Theory: 明三节 Ming San Jie. Ming San Jie means "make clear (understand and delineate clearly) the Three Sections". Specifically the root section, the middle section and the end section. Any time something is looked at carefully in the natural world.. this pattern tends to emerge.


The root section creates the power/strength.


The middle section controls/transforms/steers the power/strength.


The end section expresses the power/strength.


In the arms when doing Baguazhang for example.. the shoulder and back is the root section, the elbow is the middle section, and the hand is the end section.


If this sort of thing is interesting or useful let me know and we can talk about it or other tidbits some more.

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Marcus Brinkman is an excellent example of fine Gao bagua. The relevance of these fine clips of his too the Three Section theory is not super-obvious though.


The last clip had some throwing applications. Let's talk about those..


One of the things about Three Section theory is... if you want to defeat something's ability.. attack and control their middle section. For instance.. my arm crosses my opponent's arm.. The middle section of my arm power is the elbow.


The end section is too fast.. you have to attack something you can catch. The root section is very strong as a rule. The middle section is slow enough to catch, That's usually the elbow (though Marcus also used the knee to great effect).


Note how when Marcus comes out in the throwing clip time and again he connects at the hand but immediately gets elbow angulation and control. This is pretty friggin superb tbh.


The knee is another one.. control it.. the whole leg goes. Leg and body form handles to disrupt the other guy and step under and up into the place where he used to be. He flies away and goes boom.


Marcus makes it look quite easy doesn't he.... LOL.

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