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building nerve fibers?

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I blogged on this topic of building nerve fibers and qigong.


Does anyone know these exercises that are taught to "build nerve fibers" and focus on biophoton energy?


I know they are being taught for pay online so I can understand if someone is reluctant to share.


On the other hand I could not really find any information online about "building nerve fibers"?


I'm curious if anyone know anything more about this.


Regardless I did find what I think to be some fascinating information - more verification about the role of collagen with qi creation.




p.s. I got to see qigong master Jim Nance today and he was sending energy into me briefly, charging me up, so that was great and made my day to be sure! I have had a few more people contact me about getting phone healings from Jim Nance. So just let me know if people are interested - just DM me, as Jim is keeping me updated with his plans on setting up qi-talks online via skype and phone; and he continues doing phone healing, etc. all the best,



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