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Science and Chi Kung

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I just stumbled across a new article on Healing Tao USA that was put up just last month. It's called Multifaceted Health Benefits of Medical Qigong and it's pretty dense and references a detailed bibliography that I want to explore further when I have more time.


I'm always curious about the "hard science" behind alchemy, especially remote intentional influence via Chi, prayer, etc. This seems to me the most likely quantifiable "occult" phenomenon and could provide an important solid bridge between materialism and spiritual cultivation principles.


Several months back I scoured the net for similar resources as the ones cited in the above article and compiled the following list:


The Efficacy of "Distant Healing"

A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials

There are links to many related articles on this same page at the bottom.


Scientific Evidence for the Efficacy of Prayer

Dr. Peter Fenwick


A Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Effects of Remote, Intercessory Prayer on Outcomes in Patients Admitted to the Coronary Care Unit

Many more related articles on the same page at the bottom.


Distant Healing

Daniel J. Benor, MD


Using western scientific methods to prove the efficacy of traditional healing methods

A proposal for a large-scale human clinical trial


Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Bioenergy Therapies

by James L., Ph.D. Oschman


Book Review - Scientific Qigong Exploration

The Wonders and Mysteries of Qi


The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine


Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research


International Consciousness Research Laboratories



You can find the same list in the Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc. sticky in the Taoist Discussion forum.


If you bump into any well-conducted scientific research on these subjects online, be sure to think of me and help my hopeless overactive left-brain by hooking me up with the links.





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