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Hello, everyone, and may this message find you well.


After my good friend and teacher told me about this place, I decided to join, particularly after reading some of the topics and posts. I admit to being intrigued.


When I first began my practices nearly a year ago, I wanted to "awaken." Since then, my goals have shifted a few times. I grant they may change again. Currently, I'm realizing the full value and wonder to be found in "now."


I have learned that it's not important to define things into neat little boxes - learning to not overanalyze and just be is my greatest accomplishment with internal arts so far. I grant that this will change too.


I look forward to talking with all of you.


(EDIT: Somehow, I managed to miss the final "o" in "Hello.")

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hello fuego

welcome to this great forum .


Thank you! I look forward to reading much here.


I just signed in this spring, and I have learned a lot already from asking questions, reading earlier posts, trying out links.


Same here - half the fun is learning the right questions to ask, though.


Staying in the "now" is no small task if you ask me. I am full of admiration.


It's not easy - I've slipped a number of times. However, it is worth striding for; the change in one's point of view alone is worth it.


I just got the wonderful advice to practice "beginners mind". Funny how personal history repeats itself, and is full of remembering and forgetting. <_<:)


Indeed - once you're thinking and being from the right place, the little training wheels you used to get there aren't as important - unless you slip, and have to work your way back to that state. ;)

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