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A few poems that poured into my head today

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Wherever you look, you see yourself,
because you are looking for yourself.
Whatever you get, you get yourself,
because there is only yourself to get.


You know nothing, but yourself.
Other people is forever a mystery.
Because what you see in other people,
is only a reflection of what you have.
Things they have in extra,
You will not be able to see,
Because they never existed in you,
and you never know they ever exist,
therefore you will not look for them.
Even they stand in front of your eyes,
You don’t recognize them.


You see what you want to see,
You see what you are.
Guilt is what you feel for yourself.
Sympathy and passion are the same.
You can call all of them selfishness.
But you have no other choice.
The mundane selfishness is stupidity,
By not giving,
they never get and end up with less.
So give.
Past and Future
The past is determined,
The future is unknown.
We are forever standing on this precipice,
Yet unable to fall,
Because the future rise to embrace us as we move,
With Dao
The moment you start talking,
You are wrong.
Try to remain silent,
You are wrong too.
Whatever you do is right.
Whatever you do is wrong.
There is no right and wrong.
It is all what you see.
Stop seeing, stop thinking,
You avoid being right and being wrong,
This is the proper way to go.
This is Dao.
With desire, there is action.
Without desire, there will be no achievements.
Ride desire to go forward,
Abandon desire to reach goal.

There is no goal to achieve,
There is no path to follow.
The moment you see the goal,
It is lost.
The moment you step on the path,
It disappears.


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