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I have joined for general discussion on various topics, suggestions on practices, etc.


'Spiritual' Background Brief: Occultism, entheogens, Buddhism, all-ism (all Masters from all major religions/all texts and modern masters and general breath meditation), distraction, Bihar School of Yoga, Kriya Yoga: SRF teachings, then Kriya Initiation into Hamsa Yoga by Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, unease about secrecy + anxiety issues, neoadvaita: Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanit, Mooji, then AYP, more neoadvaita and for a couple of years now no solid practice but various neoadvaita readings and occasional AYP practices. Still having anxiety issues. Now looking into taking AYP up full time or Kriya (JC stevens or Ennios Nimis), or some other practice. Looking for what works.




'Spiritual' Background Thorough: I started off with some interest in occultism stuff at a young age,


was interested by entheogens,


then a brief stint with buddhist stuff (but never liked focus on one particular Master or set of Masters),


then went onto a meditation group where all Masters/Texts from all systems were welcomed and read,


then got a little distracted,


then had a reignitition of interest and purchased/read a lot of Bihar school of Yoga/Satyananda Saraswati stuff,


then wanted a concise/succinct system to practice for results so got into Kriya Yoga (Lahiri Mahasaya's), read SRF stuff for a bit, was initiated into Hamsa Yoga (Yogiraj Gurunath), but didn't feel right about the whole secrecy thing and the uncertainty of the various schools all saying their's was the true Kriya (did have good relaxed feelings after long Kriya sessions, admittedly, but I think that would be the case for any nuance on top of deep Ujjayi breathing for 30 or so minutes straight), that drove me crazy for a while (the secrecy/uncertainty, also, I had anxiety issues),


around the same time as interest in Kriya was sparked I happened across Eckhart Tolle and loved his approach, it was the first modern sort of Jnana Yoga/Advaita/Non-Dual type approach I had come across (I had read bits and bobs of older classic texts, Tao Te Ching, Dhammapada, Bhagavad Gita, and liked what I read, but various interpretations and occasional allegories didn't hit home as much as the modern day written in English stuff),


I had good results from just reading and contemplating on the book 'The Power of Now',


through youtube binges of Eckhart etc, came across Adyashanti (loved his talks even more) and Mooji,


all this around same time as Kriya interest, but like I said, a little while after initiation, the uncertainties drove me nuts (also developed a lot of anxiety, possibly due to life circumstance, but though practices should be getting rid of all things like that),


went to see Mooji, had a beautiful Sitori like experience, felt truly happy/present, awake, here, now, free, no division (when walking to the train station when the last day at the end of the weekend finished; this was especially good as I had recently developed SERIOUS anxiety issues before),


decided to stop Kriya, had come across the AYP site around the time I was looking at different types/schools of Kriya Yoga, found it a useful open resource for advice and guidance/discussion,


then started practising AYP alongside reading Neoadvaita/Zen etc (Mooji, Gangaji, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle),


have been on and off AYP for a while,


had some good results but, again, anxiety issues (admittedly when university got intense and I didn't do my practices as much),


since then, a little reading here and there into Christian Gnosis, Tau Malachi (but not taking up any regular practice),


lucid dreaming/OBE stuff,


and various other interesting reads of different people, (Franklin Merrel-Wolf, Douglas Harding, Nisargadatta, Jed Mckenna, Livind Unbound, A course in miracles), resonate and love all of what they say, all axiomatically true, get it all on the level of mind, but have had no solid practice for a while and still have anxiety issues,


now looking into starting J.C. Stevens or Ennio Nimis Kriya Yoga, or returning to AYP pracitce, or Tau Malachi's Christian Gnosis, or even some Zen, Buddhist, Taoist, Kundalini Yoga practices. I'm just looking for what works.

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Hello stillnessinmotion, and welcome to The Tao Bums!


Nice nick you chose, and thank you for this beautiful introduction :)


I'm sure you'll find some possibilities to discuss things that work in here, and maybe get some new impressions ;)

Your introductory post has been approved, so you'll be able to post freely on the forum now. Please keep our Terms and Rules in mind when participating here.



Good luck and all the best,



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