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Knytt Stories (and taoism)

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I was tempted - really tempted - to post this in the taoist subforum, but I have a feeling that people don't trust me there enough.


Knytt Stories is a fairly popular computer game. It's a free indie platformer exploration game. It's also a beautiful nature experience.


The beauty about Knytt Stories (especially the official story The Machine) to me, is that it shows a different perspective. It shows the beauty and serenity of being small and energetic. Juni doesn't involve herself in politics. She doesn't watch the news about the war in Over-there-istan. She just runs around and climbs whereever she can, like a force of nature. Her hands and feet speak, and nature speaks back, and we have this beautiful friendly, non-judgemental conversation going on, without a single word spoken.

I hope that you will feel as calm and refreshed from playing it as I've done.


...and after that, there's hundreds upon hundreds of fan stories to play, if you want more. (A warning, though: Many of those are made to be unfair jumping puzzles, so watch out.)


When I speak of "master Juni", yes, I'm talking about the protagonist.

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