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Secret of the heart

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Hi, :)


In the town where I live, there is this middle aged man who is quite simple. He cannot speak very well at all and he has a twitch in his neck that causes his head to jerk every few seconds. I think he is mentally challenged and lives on support. He rides a very funny bicycle with very small wheels, even in winter. I do not know his name. I have seen him riding his bicycle hundreds of times in the downtown area. He always has a sort of smile on his face, but I think it is because he's lost control of some of the muscles in his face.


I had seen this man many times, and each time he was riding his bicycle. Somehow, I must have associated him with the image of the funny looking bicycle, having seen him riding it so often.


Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I saw him again in the downtown area, while I was walking to work. Except, this time he was not riding his bicycle. A rare sight! I thought to myself that that was surely strange. I thought about how he must be missing his bicycle. I felt sorry for him. I hoped that he had not lost his bicycle and that he was not too sad. I think the bicycle was the only thing in the world that he might have owned.


Just then, I felt a tug in my heart region in the chest. A tug of compassion. It felt like an energetic wave had spiralled out. Then, the world turned transparent and I could once again see several planes imposed upon the regular physical scene. I could see beings standing in the planes, some with long robes. The planes appeared as layers, up above the skyline, like layers in a cake. The brightness was quite notable, the other planes look kind of like a cartoon world, comprised of brilliant light with pastel-like colors.


The experience took me by surprise. I fought hard so that my sight would return to normal, because I was about to go to work and I couldn't imagine trying to work in that state. I have a funny mind, eh? Something like that happens and it fights it off. My mind still can't deal with the fact that there are many planes right here, right now, with beings in them whom are watching us.


Then, I reflected on the wonderful secret that I've discovered. The secret of the powers of the Heart.






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