silent thunder

the spiral line

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I'm obsessing recently on the line between yin and yang. Far more interesting to me than the qualities of yin or yang is that oscillating line between them. Like love and hate for example, where in a situation I will shift from helping to harming, or vice versa.

That is to say, I'm drawn to the inertial shift, the point of demarcation where what I define as one thing is inexorably shown to be both it and its opposite simultaneously.

I watch a wave cresting. As it builds, its inertia becomes more and more yang until the moment where this line is crossed and the energy of yang can no longer sustain its inertia and yin is expressed. The wave loses coherence and settles in balance.

The wave itself is not made of water. The wave is moving through water. To me it appears to express itself as 'opposites'. But there is only what is.

This is the action of Tao and I am sensing my seeing yin and yang as separate is an illusion that there is yin and yang, these two things inter-playing.

There simply is what is.

And then there is nothing.
And then there is no thing.
And then...

fuck if I know... I'm going to the beach.

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