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My Personal Legend

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There is the idea of a Personal Legend. This thing we know as children. Then we forget, or a "mysterious force" convinces us that it is impossible. We grow up, listening to our families, friends, society. We stuff our dreams deep down inside, as they are impractical. Instead we go to college, or get a job, or marry and start a family. We grow old and we die, our dreams unfulfilled, our Personal Legend abandoned.

I was envious of people who had this thing called a dream. I felt as if I was somehow missing something, incomplete because I did not have one, as far as I could recall. At my age the time for going after a dream, pursuing a Personal Legend, seemed to be coming to a close. I started reading the graphic novel adaptation of, "The Alchemist", and tonight I sat back and reflected. Seriously thought about my childhood, what I must have known as a child.

I came to the conclusion there are three things that have stuck in my mind. I don't know how else to describe them:

1. To design and build structures or places, emphasis on building.
2. To play the guitar.
3. To go to the Big Sur area in California.

As a child I played with legos. I think I mostly made buildings, but I do not remember clearly. This just feels right. It fits with my later building of structures around the place we used to live. Then, as a young man, I pursued various level editors, learning 3DS Max, and building things for video games. But these were counterfeits. I think the true legend is architecture. and the Taliesin Institute (the Frank Lloyd Wright school of architecture) specifically, as my starting point, unless an opportunity comes to just start building and designing things.

I tried to learn the guitar. It was either not the right time or not the right teachers. I was teaching myself through DVDs and internet lessons. I think I need personal instruction, and a guitar. I sold the one I had.

I don't know why the Big Sur area. It has stuck in my mind ever since reading about it in, "Spiritual Places." I have no specific place to go in mind (although there are numerous spiritual centers in the area I may visit.) Only a vision that may be connected, of an old man living in an old trailer near some red cliff faces not far from the ocean. That I have to see this person. Just the Big Sur area itself sticks in my mind, not this vision, but the two may be related.

I am asking for help. Specifically I need the resources to go to the Big Sur, I think I am to start there, then I need the resources to go to the Taliesin Institute. Finally I need a guitar, something like I had before with more space between the frets than normal (a longer neck) as well as a teacher who is willing to teach me how to play it.

Prayers, sending of energy, Treatments, mailing me items or donating money as you are compelled, these are what I am asking for. Funds can be sent via Amazon Payments to: dreamblissflows[at]gmail[dot]com. Replace the [at] and [dot] with the proper symbols. You may also contact me there for my mailing address.

I also need someone who can either live here full time or be on call full time as a back up driver for my family and a helper for my grandmother. My dad would like to pursue his dream of hiking the PCT this year or the next, and if he leaves they will need another person here to take his place while he is gone. Normally that would be me, but I may also be gone. So prayer for the truest person for this position is also needed.

I am leaving either this year or the next. I have made no plans yet. I have asked the Source for guidance and direction. I will not force things. I will flow, that is, I will be using grace, in my pursuit of what I believe to be my Personal Legend. Even if it is not, it should, by the very act of moving, that energy of going after it, draw me to it, or it to me.

Only one thing I know for certain... Staying here is to stagnate and die inside. I choose to live life, in the present moment, to its fullest, not live the appearance of life, like a zombie, going from work to home, doing what society tells me I should be doing. It is time to follow my heart, not my head, or the voices of others.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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