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The Prophecy of the Ages

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I, Songtsan TigerFox CrazyFox Ali, any 'ol thing you may call me, such as Kaleb ('the Dog' or 'The Brave One') Lucklaran hereby prophesize that:


There are many beings among us now who will become physically Immortal in this lifetime.


Mankind will stretch his great hand out into the space of eros and love, and everyone will become Buddhas by the Twenty-Fifth Century.


That our eros will support innumerous colonies of space-farers and explorers whose names will go down in history.


That I have been known under the name Nostradamus, and various others of which most of you would not recognize, but which I know to be true faces of my past lives.


And, that I will in fact be reborn again here on Earth as a Guide for you all.


Bodhisattva vow performed and duly registered, on this date 2/13/2014 at 8:48pm


Peace, Om, Bliss.


...My friends.


EDIT: typos corrected

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