Good Noam Chomsky text about US threat to peace (et. al.)

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I'm posting this because I rarely read political texts these days, and I just came about some good stuff, so I decided to share it.


Noam Chomsky - Prerogatives of Power (Truth-Out.org)




In other news (things I came about today), apparently Iran finally decided to show the US government the mirror (not unlike the director of Valley of the Wolves did when he made a movie where the USA were the villain) and are positioning a small contingent of military ships near the US border. ... Nothing the USA isn't doing whenever they please and to whomever they please. (Only prevented if a country doesn't have a coastal border.)



And another funny thing: Seems Snowden used a webcrawler to get his information from the NSA, which is kind of awkward for them, but totally understandable: If you consider how much the NSA these days is fanatical about COLLECTING information, naturally they would gradually lose interest/skill in protecting it. Protecting information requires a respect for the privacy of it, but if you're in the business of collecting as much data as you can, from all kinds of sources, all over the world, that awareness begins to crumble.

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