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Recently (since Sept. 2013) there has been quite a few changes and restructuring at my work.

I have taken on quite a bit more work and a much more progressive and active roll in the company's new restructuring.


I have been met with quite a bit of animosity from some co-workers.

Some I can understand. Two individuals were laid-off and I had absorbed their rolls. I can understand their resentment. It doesn't make it any easier, but at least I can understand it.


But I have been met with animosity and even to some degree hostility by certain others.

The way I see it is that in this new direction there is only 3 directions one can actively follow:


1) Embrace the changes. Step up to plate.

2) Status Quo. Continue doing your same job and nothing more or nothing new. (Let's see where that goes...), or

3) Resist change. Become an obstacle. Actively or passively sabotage.


Those who have been 'difficult' belong to the 2nd or 3rd mindset.


But still, that nevertheless didn't sit well with me. (I'm not the only one who has absorbed new rolls or belongs to the 1st 'position'). I've struggled with the desire to do something about these individuals, but it has always struck me as wrong and out of place.


Recently I stumbled across an old book I read by the Taoist Master Ni, and it was there that I coincidentally found his wisdom and an answer to this mystery.


At work - whether I am assessed or judged - ultimately I can only be judged by my work, my work ethic, and my workmanship.


These things are a mirror. What these people hate isn't the mirror.

They hate and fear the reflection they see within it.

There is no need to coerce (take action).


I don't know if that makes any sense to any of you, but it helped me out greatly. It was the answer and wisdom I was looking for.










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Nice post - it makes complete sense.

When we encounter things in our life which are unpleasant, we have the choice to allow it to be there and make room for it, or fight against it and suffer. When we choose the latter, we are simply punishing ourselves because the world isn't exactly the way we think we would like it to be. When we choose the former, we are liberated. I'm not saying that we shouldn't take positive action to make necessary change, but when we are unable to change the situation, creating space and allowing what is to be as it is will benefit us much more than torturing ourselves and those around us with bitterness and anger.

Keep up the good work - it will take you where you want to be.

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Or you could ask them if they wanted to trade places.. and if they say Yes, Then you can say you are doing the same as they would. If they say No, then you can say they have no reason to be jealous then.


But that would be kind of smartassy.


The workplace is no more a perfect mirror than anywhere else , you ride the wave on to your destination. A destination which always had its obstacles to overcome, so in choosing the destination you choose your obstacles as may not overcome them..but you did choose what blame there is to allocate , is ones own. They arent happy with the results , they arent satisfied with the way things are..If they can change them for the better they should..that they cant is frustration..and while one can understand anothers frustrations.. for you to be motivated by theirs to your own detriment makes no sense because you have as much right to your success as they would have.

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