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When did we Actively start to Think? And Why?

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We do not own thoughts, yet we act as if we do. We put them into books and put a copyright underneath, claiming that these ideas are personal and private. Fully blinded by greed we forget that thoughts are universal, available to every form of life.


Most of our waking state we spend in the space behind our eyes and identify with thoughts as our Self. "If we do not think, then how do we even live? What's the purpose of life without thoughts?" one or the other might surely think..


We 'think' to be the Great Thinker is something to be proud of. Yet we misunderstand it and forget that the states all great writers and 'thinkers' were in was an openness towards the flow of information.


When we eagerly try to grasp hold of a thought, we put ourselves in such a peculiar state of tension in which we force thoughts to come to us. Giving them next to no room to find a way into our being by all this tensing up. A mix between anger why it isnt going faster, self-doubt if we are even capable of receiving and worry, if we are even able to hold them in place.


And now in what extreme are we? We bathe in thoughts! How crazy. How overdone. We think to entertain us. We see that this is an extreme. We arrange social gatherins where certain individuals play pingpong with thoughts that circulate this age for decades, yet we barely let any new ideas in! And then complain about the lack of invention LOL!


When we experiment with silencing our thoughts, we automatically calm ourselves down. We want to receive knowledge, so we ask for it by formulating precise questions. And then we put ourselves out of the state of questioning (which you can feel) out of this state of uncertainty, into the state of receiving. Knowing that the answer aswer will come. Knowing that the is here (next stage). We do this all the time, unconsciously. And then we do not switch topics, we stay where we are mentally. And then we get the knowledge we were looking for. Even at the beginning when we try this, the effect is nearly instant. Although the main blockage here is our doubt. Our doubt that we even receive information. You can feel this like having a nervous stomach. At least that it is for us, for me. Maybe it is different for you.


So we can do the following to receive the information we want:

  1. quiet mind, quiet thoughts
  2. bring intention into a state of wanting to know
  3. formulate exact question
  4. leaving the state of asking into a receiving
  5. be patient and know that answer will come shortly
  6. receive the information
  7. or we put our Selves directly in a state of knowing. Without even putting much effort into formulating a question. We already know the question and we desire to know the answer. Asking and receiving becomes one. Putting one's Self already at the goal.

Most of this feels all passive. It's like thinking without thinking. That is why I chose 'actively thinking' in the headline.


I still do have soo much doubt when doing this. It's like my gut is trembling of insecurity and impatience! But it always works. It feels like always.. like you remember something, smooth without any emotional interuption, no fireworks, no notification tone "You got mail". Like it's meant to be, for you to continue experiencing life and integrating gratefully what you have just received


There is an old german song called "Die Gedanken sind frei" (lyrics and translation here) "The thoughts are free" which is about the freedom of thoughts.



When did all of this start, this over-thinking and entertainment with thoughts?


I wish a good mental defragmentation for every One out there, so the thoughts actually roam free again.

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