spontaneous movement and stillness movement

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Usually I don't meditate to music.  Worrying that I'll use it as a crutch, a distraction of the mind.  Often in simple sitting I'll do a little continuous bobbing motion, it burns off a little energy and helps me sit longer with more comfort.  If I ever join the Shaker religion I'll fit in. 


Haven't been doing it much lately, but for years before meditation I'd mentally recite a list of negations..

I'm not my body, I am that which inhabits it.. I'm not my thoughts, they are like clouds passing.. not my..emotions..past.. future..possessions.. I am breath and awareness..


Lately I've been using the Breath Mantra youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnGh6CcWVAv2GpiiOj3nGYQ which has 30 minute breath sequences along with some light music.  Often when I do zhan zhuang I'll listen to Rawn Clarks Archaeous lessons, which are just 15 minutes long.  The Archaeous is a hermetic element system. 


When I do a spontaneous qi gong like Max Christensons Kunlun there's no music, but sometimes I'll imagine I'll holding a battery.


I enjoy listening to Yoga Nidra meditations.   They usually have you dedicate a meditation to a particular spiritual quality you're after.   Set and forget. 

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