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  1. thanks a lot of things are more clear effectively i really see that the mind can trick the experience and start to imagine a lot of things there is a potential to focalise on a movement too and it's not good really hard by moments to not be trapped by this things and just follow the things but clearly i can observe some benefits i see the origin is too much tensions too and this movement alleviate it (the most apparent...certainly the road is long) i wait for the gift of the tao , i will make the close describe in light warrior morning and night and i will see (the close alleviate some weird sensations) i practice a little of taichi with some basic qigong and a lot of standing and walking and just more attention in the course of the day really wonderful practices really open my eyes i couldn't think it was like that...some days are a little...strange....but it's fantastic if i look 9 months back....and the boredom depression really thank you for your advices and explaination best
  2. ok thanks a lot i read the forum since several months and it is really nice to have all this infos best
  3. ok thanks i must admit my intent is not always clear so my spontaneous movement doesn't give me the same things than the stillness movement the system of michael lomax need a "gift" by an instructor ?
  4. hi i practice zhan zhang minimum one 30 45 mn session sometimes 3 or 4 sessions i learn bagua walking too and i have a training in yang taichi with the qigong (i don't pracice the form alot but i practice the qigongset) the spontaneous movement involve a lot of arms mouvement in high position (45° or more) sometimes i rest on the toes a lot of circle of the hand on front of me (hands face the floor) sometimes i strech back my arms and rest a moment regulary i have only one arm in action sometimes the second make the same movements after but not always a lot of 180° turning (face look at 180°) pelvis rotation walking (not really but if i initiate clearly the walking become spontanous) but i clearly see now that i can really easely change the nature and speed of movement (it's really hard to stay in a neutral mind) sometimes it is the breathing who is in game like a big resistance (but moving) so i must breath really slowly (if i don't want this i can restart a normal breathing ) sensation of mouvement pressure inside on top of the belly sometimes it last several days (before it was in the chest but no more it was a bit of stress when it lasted several days without stopping) i have not a good conscious my body it is better slowly but i know i have a really long road i'm not a guy really relaxed too ( i think i have tried all the nchimical ways to escape the world but slowly this urge fade and in fact if i smoke just a little of weeds the spontaneous movements are really hard control i must do it or lying a moment ( and i have the breathing pattern who start) i know this movements are not really important i just want to havre some good fundations for my health i have 40 year old and several years of fybromalgic syndrom, ( but( it is really really better now and i don't take medication anymore ) and i really like to enter the inner alchimy practice and martial work ( i see so much benefits in my life....but strange days too..to be honnest .i'd like to be buddha too! but i think this is relatively normal in the start of the practice) thank you for your advice and excuse me for my terrible english best regards best
  5. hello i practice qigong since 8 or 9 months for medical problems (it's help a lot ) and i have several questions since the start i have experienced spontaneous movement usually i breath a little (sometimes only several seconds) and it start or during zhang zhuang no matter how well i close the session the movements can restart later if i want i can ignore it (i just feel various pressure points) is it the same process than stilness movement ( i have the book of michael lomax and i wait for his dvd)? in the book the closing process is very interresting and i try to follow it but if i have a brief moment of this movement during the day (not in a session) it is very long to close and in fact totally impractible ( in a car or in the street) i try to not giving too much impoortance to this phenomenes but i'd like to be sure that i dont let qi stagnation i suppose i'm not alone to experiment this how do you deal with this ? thanks
  6. hello

    hello i read the forum since june i'm really happy to find this place with a lot of info i practice qigong taichi and circle walking best regards