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Evidently there is a high-key, softly lit and mild-mannered magician amongst us who claims to like transforming energy and even recycling it (in terms of dealing with bad energy and negative attacks per suninmyeyes recent thread).


How wonderful to hear of claims of wonderment and ingratiating airs of goodness. Even by PM, this individual comes up empty in terms of any application of these transformational powers, its source, his basis of practice, discipline or relative tradition.


This one has no dirt sullying his countenance, only a wishful indictment imploring for the way it once was (whatever that means). My response to that ploy was, "This is now".


I understand very well the difficulty in joining a group, but it is even more difficult to maintain an autonomy and operative effect in the aftermath of forming bonds.


First off, I would like to offer that anyone who would be dealing with created energy is already no different than any ordinary run-of-the-mill worldly magician juggling delusions and making a shell-game of illusory circumstances a business to suit speculative or avoidance strategies.


Autonomy is an eye.


Coming and going is circumstances.


There is no doing implied or ascribed by Chan buddhism in the application of subtle operation or its compliment in the Science of Life of taoist Complete Reality tradition.


Whoever says he transforms energy and recycles it is deep in this energy already, born to die. It doesn't matter how you light it and/or post-produce it. This is the conditional from start to finish. Enjoying working with the dregs of form, desire or formless constructs, however skilled you may believe your abilities to do so, is nothing to crow about.


Autonomy is an eye. Coming and going is just circumstances. There is no self involved to like or distain in terms of conditions relative to self and other.


Though stillness and movement appear to respond to energy, it is the situation itself dictating appearances. Those who see do not transform, much less recycle anything.


No one transforms anything but phantom magicians harvesting phantom conditions.


Enlightening activity is simply matching potential inherent in ordinary situations to the inevitability of each situation. It's like knowing how to answer an insoluble riddle because you already know from the start that it is just the situation itself without remainder. It is what it is. The only thing required is will and patience to wait out one's affair with power to match creation.


All spiritual alchemy is is the matter of recognizing the potential of transformation within created cycles and waiting for it to ripen of its own accord (or not). This is just seeing the real by virtue of the false. Even if this is what our magician means by transforming energy, it still does not account for his claim to like doing something with it.


If one does anything with potential, it is no longer potential. This is the rule. Whoever says he does anything with energy in terms of transcendent practice not only talks too much, but has a product to boot. What therefore is the point of essential nature but to remain so without stooping to the business of re-manufacturing polluted energy? A junk-man sells junk.


Witnessing transformation after transformation does not admit oneself doing anything, does not admit others doing anything either. The deluded just go along with changes without knowing it.


Enlightenment is sealed. Nothing is inside or outside it. Certainly, the deluded do not know that holding and then releasing in terms of subtle operation isn't a matter of energy, stillness or activity.


Where the dharma-eye is autonomous within coming and going, East mountain walks on water.





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