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The back of our hand absorbs, then what about gestures our society promotes?

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Once in a while I like to analyze the "mudras" our society has brought forth.. what they stand for, what people do all the time and consciously have no idea of..


The most famous one would be the oath to say the truth and only the truth infront of court, hand on the chest / heart, right hand up facing away. Speaking from the heart.


When we mix the understanding of Hinduism and Taoism about each individual finger, we can understand much more than we used to, seeing this not anymore only as superficial stuff we dont need to pay attention to. Combine this with knowledge of the elements and our organs and we have this language, in deeper practice we call 'unspoken language for our subconscious'. This is what mudras do: Working as a guide and as a gate for our energies and intention to flow in a certain way.


Now I came across the information that in Qigong the backside of the hand absorbs, like the back of our torso. The front is open to receive or to give.


If we do a victory sign, which stands for peace in a way with the inside of the hand facing us, instead of the person we are facing at - what exactly are we doing?


Also, the middle finger, "the typical finger" in the West, is a very important one. And this caught my attention the most: We do this finger in a bad manner, also with the backside facing the other person. The middle finger in Qigong is associate with the pericardium.


Does this showing the backside of our hand towards another person always means that we 'take' something from them? Or do we 'close off' the other person or even us?


Please, do the victory sign infront of an imaginary- or an actual person, as I have described it above, with the inside of your hand facing you and see what you feel. It feels not comfortable for me. Also for some reason, when I do "the finger" with the inside of the hand actually facing away from me.. things feel more pleasant.


Curious what you see / feel in all of this.. please, let me know.

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