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Magnificent Mobility with Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

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I was going to post this under "Reviews" but decided to start a discussion instead.


I bought the Magnificent Mobility DVD on the recommendation of a half dozen people, ranging from strength and conditioning coaches to aspiring athletes. Everyone had seemingly miraculous stories of various aches and pains disappearing for themselves or their clients due to exercises demonstrated in this DVD.


A joint effort by strength coach/corrective exercise specialist Mike Robertson and powerlifting rockstar/ strength and conditioning coach Eric Cressey (these descriptions don't do justice--check out their websites for more complete bios, excellent articles and training tips-- and eye candy ;) ), Magnificent Mobility provides an alternative to ineffective outdated warm-ups. Static stretching has been scientifically shown to reduce muscle elasticity and contractibility and impair coordination, balance and reaction time. Therefore Magnificent Mobility focuses instead on dynamic flexibility and joint mobility. The exercises featured, which primarily focus on the hips and lower body, can be practiced both as a warm up and on rest days to improve range of motion and joint mobility.


This DVD is informative and educational, but the best part is its clarity and precision. Cressey and Robertson cover 30+ exercises, as well as the rationale for their use, in this 50-minute DVD. Exercises are divided by level of difficulty and are filmed from front and side angles. Cressey and Robertson also indicate which areas are stretched and which are activated. Exercise demonstrations end with coaching cues, explaining common movements they have seen performed incorrectly in these exercises as well as ways to avoid them.


I personally have benefited immensely from the glute activation exercises and lunge variations as well as the three static stretches featured. This DVD comes highly recommended. Pick one up and get to work!

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