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well here i am, proving to consist of more than just mental energy.


came onto the taoist path not too long ago with a 10 week course of heaven and earth qi gong (taught as neigong), following that through an incredible set of circumstances i ended up on a bruce frantzis instructor training, and have gone to several of his workshops and events throughout europe.

i'm a highly motivated and enthused practitioner of neigong, wu style tai chi, ba gua and beginner taoist meditation practices taught in the energy arts system - outer and inner dissolving.


i feel very much like a newbie and don't think that'll feeling ever go away ;P


i teach qi gong in brighton and feel very connected to taoist philosophy, practice and experience.


been referring to tao bums forums ever since i heard of you guys on a bruce frantzis course for anything that may have come up - from looking issues coming up in personal practice to looking for taoist books and movies to fill in between time


hope that's enough. much chi for all you fellow travellers (makes it sound like something out of lord of the rings) :)

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