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Transmute Energies: Negative into Positive. How to?

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Scenario: External negative force reaches me and I want to use this energy to transmute it into positivity.


Have I already transmuted it or am I in the process of transmutation, when I am seeing myself being not affected by these negative energies (such as yelling or cursing) and creating them to be beneficial for me?


That I state the intention "Even if I do not yet know how, but I desire to transmute this negativity into a form of positive energy that is beneficial to me."


And by creating I do not mean the attempting, or have a vague idea in my head. Hard facts with real results! I really mean the desire. Since I am already in a state of 'I see it as it is and it does not affect me any bit negative anymore' - which it does not to 90%. I feel here and there a bloat in my stomach, but that is it. Through breathing into it, it disappears.


Imagine you no longer need to ignore negative energy. Imagine you are able to seek every arguement as a chance to further increase your capacity? And while being 'in that mode' do not fear the so perceived opposite as you then transmute it aswell into not to being opposite anymore and can then interact with it more freely, can even be responsive to the arguing invididual!


Am I already doing it, even tho I can not really explain the method?

What would happen if I would understand it, physically, would it increase the effectivity, would refine it?

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