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Hi Everyone,


I don't know how I stumbled onto this forum but it is an amazing idea to bring everyone together and share as we all walk our paths. I am a 25 year old male who lives on Montreal, Canada. I have been interested in philisophical matters since a young age, however I never pursued or indulged my introspective side too much until I entered into my 20's.


More specifically in the past year I have started practising yoga and have begun reading about yoga, hinduism, buddhism, zen meditation and other spiritual matters. I also study political science and public policy in school and reading Rousseau, Plato, Artistotle and other political theorists also made me more interested in answering lifes fun questions. I also have a big interest in psychology however I am resistant to most dogmatic "disciplines" which tend to limit disussion and say "well this is what the current established theory is in this field, this is the truth", and I have found can be quite close minded. Through school I have found that most of the social sciences and the academic approach can be really limiting in this regard. Thomas Kuhn's book "the structure of scientific revolutions" had a good point to make which can be applied to much of our modern world!


Anyhow, I will stop here, as there is so much to say! I am glad to be here, Big Up and thanks to whoever started this forum. Geetings to all and I look forward to fun and introspection, sharing the path with everyone


Peace, love and respek!



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