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  1. learning as useless?

    I think that is my favourite Monty Python of all time!!! Does this discussion not come back however to whether truth is be abolsute or not, whether in learning there is anything to actually be grasped or attained? Basically, is there such thing as truth, and if so, can we ever find it? While it is certinaly hard to answer this question, the union of contemplation and action must come (as in what the person was saying about building the house, you can read 100 books but at some point action must come in). Michael Polanyi's book "personal experience" was always very interesting in the context of what was said, as what I understood was that it is only through our actions and through living that we can understand things and gain insight into truth. It is when we live something, that we can understand.
  2. Greetings

    Hi Everyone, I don't know how I stumbled onto this forum but it is an amazing idea to bring everyone together and share as we all walk our paths. I am a 25 year old male who lives on Montreal, Canada. I have been interested in philisophical matters since a young age, however I never pursued or indulged my introspective side too much until I entered into my 20's. More specifically in the past year I have started practising yoga and have begun reading about yoga, hinduism, buddhism, zen meditation and other spiritual matters. I also study political science and public policy in school and reading Rousseau, Plato, Artistotle and other political theorists also made me more interested in answering lifes fun questions. I also have a big interest in psychology however I am resistant to most dogmatic "disciplines" which tend to limit disussion and say "well this is what the current established theory is in this field, this is the truth", and I have found can be quite close minded. Through school I have found that most of the social sciences and the academic approach can be really limiting in this regard. Thomas Kuhn's book "the structure of scientific revolutions" had a good point to make which can be applied to much of our modern world! Anyhow, I will stop here, as there is so much to say! I am glad to be here, Big Up and thanks to whoever started this forum. Geetings to all and I look forward to fun and introspection, sharing the path with everyone Peace, love and respek! PensivePatrick