Different kind of polarities

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I finally found the original quote from Terry Pratchett Science of Discworld on what a privative is. SO I decided to add it to this thread:


Pietro, Pietro, Pietro... Good analytical technique !

Polarities are one point but kinda already said in the Yin / Yang thing.

The extremes were pointed to a long time ago - what is needed is a roadmap of the in-between.


With that said -

How about a new toy for the hungry mind of a tiger?


In science, nothing is truly original.

This says, in essence, that we can only notice what nature makes and copy it.


As such, what is enlightenment?


If it is rebirth... then to recreate enlightment we must study:

Firstly - how do we recreate the conditions of being born ?

Secondly - what happens as we are born?

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You want an example?


Cold. Cold is a privative. Cold does not exist. As correctly stated you might say, lets open the window to let the cold in. But it is not the cold that gets in, but the warmth that gets out.


This is only true by convention.

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