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from the Kundalini Upanishad

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26. Atman is of the dimensions of a thumb, is a light without smoke and without form, is shining within and is undifferentiated and immutable.
27-28(a). The Vijnana Atman that dwells in this body is deluded by Maya during the states of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep; but after many births, owing to the effect of good Karma, it wishes to attain its own state.
28-29(a). "Who am I ? How has this stain of mundane existence accrued to me ? What becomes in the dreamless sleep of me who am engaged in business in the waking and dreaming states ?"
29-30. Just as a bale of cotton is burnt by fire, so the Chidabhasa which is the result of non-wisdom, is burnt by these wise thoughts and by its own supreme illumination. The outer burning of body is no burning at all.
31-32. When the worldly wisdom is destroyed, Pratyagatman that is in the Dahara and the akasha of the heart, obtains Vijnana, diffusing itself everywhere and burns in an instant the Jnanamaya and Manomaya. After this, He himself shines always within, like a light within a vessel.
33. That Muni who contemplates thus till sleep and till death is to be known as a Jivanmukta. Having done what ought to be done, he is a fortunate person.
34. And having given up the state of a Jivanmukta, he attains Videhamukta, after his body wears off. He attains the state, as if of moving in the air.
35. Then That alone remains which is soundless, touchless, formless and deathless, which is the Rasa, eternal, and odourless, which has neither beginning nor end, which is greater than the great and which is permanent, stainless and decayless.
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