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Hello! Happy to be here!

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Hey! My name is Justin but I go by the name Koda, and I am a very interested individual hoping to gain insight into enlightenment & living in a mindful manner. I practice herbalism and have been running a small online herb shop for the past 3 years, and have learned a lot during this timespan about different states of mind, from aggression & dominance to passivity & peace, and relate these states of mind brought about by my extensive testing of herbs to the different chakras. I also study pharmacology, and find it fascinating that as I modulate one neurotransmitter or another I can also find myself better suited to follow one spiritual path or the other.


My understanding of the world is a unique one, and I love sharing what I have learned, but first & foremost I am here to learn more, not to teach.


Thanks for opening up registrations, I feel like now is the perfect time for me to join a new community such as this.



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