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  1. Karma & Foreclosures

    I have lots of white sage I am getting excited about this... hmm maybe time to go speak to my banker about a small loan.
  2. Karma & Foreclosures

    No, I didn't know that. We need gas to survive in this current society though. Even if we do not drive, purchasing things requires the gas to transport them... So much to think about when it comes to our individual & collective footprints! Geeze!
  3. Karma & Foreclosures

    Thank you for the wisdom, that eases my mind quite a bit. No, not a stolen bicycle, I just feel sorry for those who lost their houses due to the predatory nature of the lenders in the past years, which is somewhat like theft. Perhaps my inhibition to purchase such a house is not neccesarally karmic, but other things that are telling me to be cautious with how I proceed, unrelated yet related to my personal life more so. I need to read more of this forum. Does anyone here see 'signs'?
  4. Karma & Foreclosures

    Thanks! My intuition still tells me it is wrong on some level... like buying a knowingly stolen bicycle. I can't just assume the person who it was stolen from had it stolen because of their own karma. I found some houses that I do not believe are being foreclosed on that are only a few thousand more than the foreclosures. I think I might try to get one of those instead. silent thunder, although you've barely spoken, your words intrigue me, can you explain?
  5. I hope this is the right section, I am new to all the different Eastern philosophies but generally try to treat others as incarnates of myself... which brings me to my query; buying a foreclosed house. I currently am looking to get my first place. I currently live at home, and have been working from home for the past few years trying to save up enough to either rent or buy a house. The oppurtunities for rental seem like a scam, so much money & time just thrown out the window. I would love to buy a non-foreclosed house, but that is not in the cards, nor will the bank give me a loan. Nor do I want a loan that large... But I have been saving up, and just today I found a local website that sells houses & foreclosed houses for cheap! Some as low as 5,000$, others, in better condition as low as $30,000. Being a business man, this screams at me! BUY BUY BUY! But trying to follow karma, and recently switching to a vegan diet for the very such reason, tells me to be cautious with my actions, as I could in effect be supporting an industry that survives by taking away the house of those who were unfortunate enough to not be able to keep up with the bills. Lots of things can happen, I can't blame these people for irresponsibility, the loss could have been an act of God for all I know. But I am not directly making them leave their house, but if people were to refuse to buy foreclosed houses, then the banks may be less likely to foreclose on people... Kind of like supporting the meat industry, if no one buys meat, no animals will be slaughtered... So what do I do? Or rather, what would the Buddha recommend? What is karmic? Is there a such thing as a sacrifice to ones karma, to meet ones needs, to be made up at a later time, should purchasing a foreclosed house lead to bad karma? I guess the real question is, am I indirectly hurting anyone by doing this? And if so, could this be made up for, if I put the house to good use, and make up for the hurt by doing more good? Thank you bums!
  6. Hello! Happy to be here!

    Hey! My name is Justin but I go by the name Koda, and I am a very interested individual hoping to gain insight into enlightenment & living in a mindful manner. I practice herbalism and have been running a small online herb shop for the past 3 years, and have learned a lot during this timespan about different states of mind, from aggression & dominance to passivity & peace, and relate these states of mind brought about by my extensive testing of herbs to the different chakras. I also study pharmacology, and find it fascinating that as I modulate one neurotransmitter or another I can also find myself better suited to follow one spiritual path or the other. My understanding of the world is a unique one, and I love sharing what I have learned, but first & foremost I am here to learn more, not to teach. Thanks for opening up registrations, I feel like now is the perfect time for me to join a new community such as this. Namaste.