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A simple thought experiment/koan: slices of Earth rotation

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An open question: let's ponder and imagine, and contemplate


Walk down the road. Walk next to a wall.

Walk forward. But look left or right to the wall using your peripheral vision.

You will notice that the closer you get to the wall, the 'faster' the motion of the wall moving along is.



Now, imagine it is a series of 2D planes. You see line after line after line, or frame by frame, like this: | | | | | | | |

This is the 'invisible' 3rd dimension to the 2D plane: one 'atom' thick.

This blurs into an epic composition of brickwork and looks like this from any angle: |=|=|=|
Your movement causes the invisible 3rd dimension to extrude/manifest so each point traces out a line.

For comparison let's consider a large wooden free standing mirror. Facing a mirror head on, we see the 2D plane: |=|=|=|
The mirror itself is a thin film of silver lining: |


Now my question is thus: What is happening, when we take a floating ghost perspective, and edge closer and closer to the wall?


When we are closest, what are we Seeing?

Consider this. On a round Earth, your walking next to the wall, seems flat and level. But actually you are tracing a circular orbit around the Earth!



Key point: each slice of the wall as you walk past comes hand in hand with a 'tick' of the Earth's rotation on its axis.

With this, all the other people around you also move, the cars, the birds, the wind, the trees. Tick by tick.

What is happening here? It points straight to the fundamental nature of Time itself. Any imaginations, inputs, thoughts, however seemingly inane or irrelevant, on the nature of this would be grandly appreciated! Let's explore

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