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Enquiry into "What is meant by Normal?"

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Another thing that I felt like contemplating, ideas that can ground or unground one, make one feel less like they belong, less rooted, thought id share while I contemplate the topic. Feel free to share the discussion


So I notice while I find many comedy programs entertaining, I do notice their exists a subtle manipulation to control peoples minds through the use of humour. This is not new, racist jokes exist, homophobic jokes exist, and actually jokes are a very powerful way to deliver messages or communicate ideas. While you may find this paranoid fair enough, you can just ignore this idea.


So in some comedy programs it is like they make fun of everyone, just for being who they are, it is like you shouldnt act like this or you should act like that otherwise you are not normal and will be teased. Now again this sounds paranoid, but why is it certain people make jokes about some things and not others. Im assuming a lot of people wouldnt make racist jokes to the race they are talking to unless it was all taken light heartedely and friendly manner which is rare. People usually make these jokes to deliver some kind of message or assertation.


You shouldnt act like this or that.


So anyways being normal does not mean that you are not unique.


Being normal does not mean you do not have your own interests, ideas, perspectives, feelings.


Being normal does not mean behave like everyone else.


It sort of feels like a divide and conquer tactic, if everyone feels seperate from each other, they will not unite together and rulers are strong (again this probably sounds paranoid so ignore me lol)


Some people feel have s trong energetic weakness around being different, that means when they contemplate the topic of being different for a second, their body is not neutral (not empty but rather peaceful, not too for or against, balanced etc) when one contemplates the topic of being different rather it makes their body weak and imbalanced if one notice, one can shed light on this on some form or another until they are fine being different.


Similarly some people have strong energetic weakness around being the same, they don't want to be the same as others. So one can shed light on this too. Until they are balanced between same/different.


In nature things are created uniquely, everyone has different experiences, perceptions and maybe that is good and beautiful.


I dont really have much else to say on this topic.


Thanks for reading.

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Also one can have weaknesses to judging other people as different/normal.


Some people show their light in different ways, some people are very social, which helps them in some aspects in others not so much.


SOme people are very dedicated with intense focus, which helps them in some aspects and not others.


Some people are very assertive.


Some people follow rules.


Some people are good at telling jokes.


Often people are bron to naturally have a certain personality type, which means they may be better at some things than others.


SO by following ones heart and doing what they are naturally good at they are making the most skillful virtous actions, using their own light.



Oh yeh this post is puerly me contemplating plus sharing.

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